Merchandise Monday

Another Monday, another Merchandise. Wait. I don’t think that’s a thing. Whatever. It’s Merchandise Monday, folks, I think everyone got that despite my being very weird. But it’s Monday, and who actually likes Mondays? These posts are the best thing about mine. They remind me of all the cool, nerdy, super useless stuff Frodo and I own, that set us apart from normal human beings.

Anyway. Fandom of the week (or day. It would probably be more of a fandom of the day thing): *drumroll* Middle-Earth! Yay! We’re gonna have to try and switch it up a bit at some point… It’s just that it’s the fandom we own the most stuff of. Plus, it’s awesome.

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Introducing Merchandise Monday

Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present the first “Merchandise Monday“! It’s a bit like Fandom Friday, but this time it’s all about our collection of fan merchandise. Every Monday we are going to share one thing from our collection with you. We’ll talk about where we bought it and why (although I don’t think anyone really needs a reason to buy merchandise) and maybe some fun facts about it.

Drumroll for our first item:

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