Top Ten Tuesday I Top Ten Favorite Book Quotes

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday topic is actually Top Ten Graphic Novels/Comics – but here is the problem: we don’t read any comics or graphic novels.

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

So we had to change the topic for this week (again), but we hope you don’t mind.  We are going to share our favorite book quotes…

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Top Ten Tuesday I Top Ten Movies We Are Excited For In 2017

We’re sorry about the lack of posts lately, but my Internet connection sucked and I was busy. Now I’m back, and a little less busy, so I’m excited to present to you: our Top Ten Movies We Are Excited For In 2017. So much excitement!


This is not technically a Top Ten Tuesday, but it’s a top ten, and it’s Tuesday, so there is that (it was Tuesday when I started this post, I promise!)

Also, the following movies are in no particular order other than they came to my mind like this, and I wrote them down.

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