Shadowhunters – Series Premiere

In case you missed it, there’s this series of books called The Mortal Instruments, written by Cassandra Clare. They made a movie based on the first book, City of Bones, in 2013 – and it sucked. in 2015, they announced that they were making a TV-show based on the books, called Shadowhunters – it premiered yesterday, and since it is one of the many TV-shows we are looking forward to this year, I watched it as soon as I could, and now I’m going to tell you whether it sucked or was awesome.

Spoiler-free, of course! That’s right, no spoilers in this review. I’m just going to write down my opinion. No recap, no anything spoiler-y.

Shall we?

 © 2015 ABC Family

© 2015 ABC Family

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5 Characters We Want To Dress Up As For Halloween

We’ve mentioned it before – Halloween isn’t that big of a deal around here, so we don’t actually do Halloween. We don’t dress up and go trick-or-treating (some kids do, though, which is cute), and although there’s probably some Halloween parties, we’re not exactly the partying type, so we don’t even know about any of those.

That being said, we still like thinking about what it is that we would dress up as if we were to go to a party, or go trick-or-treating. So here it is: our 5 Fandom Friday list of 5 character we would dress up as for Halloween.

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Top 5 Fictional Worlds

Even if this post looks like an early Fandom Friday Post – it’s not. It is inspired by this great post and we thought we’d steal the idea, cause we’re sneaky little hobbitses. So here we go, our five favorite fictional worlds that we would love to live in (cause there’s quite a few great fictional worlds out there that we would never ever even consider living in, cause we’d die. In, like, seconds):

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Shadowhunters – The Cast


© ABC Family

After the movie “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” wasn’t really a succes at the box office, we were happy to hear the news about a TV-show called “Shadowhunters”. I am really glad they give the books a second chance because they are amazing and you really need to read them if don’t already have. And since shooting started a week ago and they are posting so many behind the scence photos and I am waaaaay to excited for this, I need to talk about the cast! So I can kill some time until 2016 and make my opinion offcial and immortal in the world wide web. Continue reading