Black Panther Movie Review

I’ve finally managed to go see Black Panther, and I’m ready to share my thoughts about it. This is going to be spoiler-free, so no worries! It’s a post for everyone.

Disclaimer: there might be a few teeeeeenyyy tinyyyy spoilers in there, but nothing big or really relevant to the story.

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Winter Finales

So, since I really don’t feel like doing a post for each midseason finale, I decided I would just do a couple of short sentences for each episode, a rating, and simply make one post for all of them.

We’ll talk about the winter finales of Supernatural, Supergirl, The FlashAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Arrow.

And sorry for the late post… but it’s the Holidays, so I finally have some time to do stuff!

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