Top Ten Tuesday I Top Ten Favorite Book Quotes

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday topic is actually Top Ten Graphic Novels/Comics – but here is the problem: we don’t read any comics or graphic novels.

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

So we had to change the topic for this week (again), but we hope you don’t mind.  We are going to share our favorite book quotes…

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5 Fandoms We’re Thankful For

We’re not exactly sure what this is supposed to mean – like, it could be a list of 5 fandoms we’re a part of and we’re thankful for the people in them, or a list of 5 fandoms we’re grateful to be a part of, or 5 things we’re a fan of without actually taking part in the (internet) fandom… so yeah, we weren’t excatly sure what to do of 5 Fandoms We’re Thankful For.

Long story short, we decided to list 5 fandoms that we’re grateful exist, for whatever reason, and just mix all of the possibilities.

Aaaad I just realized I could just have started off this post without the huge explanation – but now I’ve written it down, so what the hell.

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Top 5 Fictional Worlds

Even if this post looks like an early Fandom Friday Post – it’s not. It is inspired by this great post and we thought we’d steal the idea, cause we’re sneaky little hobbitses. So here we go, our five favorite fictional worlds that we would love to live in (cause there’s quite a few great fictional worlds out there that we would never ever even consider living in, cause we’d die. In, like, seconds):

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There And Back Again, Post 2: Narnia is actually not to be found in a closet

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to our second post about our wonderful trip through Middle-Earth. On Valentine’s day in 2014, we left Middle-Earth, and, after having checked our closets for years and years, finally, finally got to see Narnia after all! It’s not in a closet, people. It’s in New Zealand.

There’s not too much to tell, really. It’s a place called Cathedral Cove, and it’s this big limestone arc on a white beach where the ocean is the color of the sky right before turning dark, when the moon has already risen and the world gets quiet. Twilight, as they call it. Anyway, it’s a beautiful place, but it’s New Zealand, where everything is beautiful, so that’s not really surprising. Continue reading