5 Womances We Ship

In honor of “Galentine’s Day” – because who the hell cares about Valentine’s Day? -, this week’s 5 Fandom Friday is 5 Womances We Ship. This is the first time we’ve even heard the term “Womances”, which kinda sucks. It’s about damn time someone invented a word for great friendships between women instead of always portraying them as rivals.

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Jessica Jones Trailer

So there’s a new trailer for the Marvel series Jessica Jones, coming to Netflix on November 20th – and thank god that’s so soon, because it looks awesome!

To be honest, there’s not too much to say about this. I mean, of course there is, but I won’t bore you with another too long post about a trailer. I just wanted to share it with those who haven’t seen this yet, because we’re looking forward to this show, even though we know nothing about the comics. It looks dark and amazing, and we love the music. And the villain looks amazing, but David Tennant has proven himself to be good at playing those, hasn’t he? Anyway, we think it looks cool, and we’re excited for the show!


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