HobbitCon 4

“I’m a happy Hobbit! At HobbitCon, HobbitCon! Nummer vier, Nummer vier!”

Just sayin’. Because last weekend, we went to Bonn for HobbitCon 4 – and now we’re here, with an epic case of con blues, to talk about it, just like we did for HobbitCon 3.



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HobbitCon 3

Although HobbitCon was in April (4.4., 5.4., 6.4.), so we are late with this, we still want to talk to you about HobbitCon, because HobbitCon is simply amazing. It was our first con ever, and man, it was a great choice for a first con. HobbitCon takes place in the Maritim Hotel Bonn, Germany, over Easter (at least that’s when the last three have been, we’ll see about the next one), and is, as the name suggests, a convention dedicated to Tolkien’s world.


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