Suicide Squad Trailer #2

There’s a new trailer for Suicide Squad! It’s awesome. If you haven’t seen it yet, or want to see it again, here it is:

I don’t have time to talk about it much, so in short: I love the tone of this trailer. The first one was cool, because it was dark, but this one – this one just shows a bunch of bat sh*t crazy people to “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and that’s f*cking awesome. We’re really excited for this movie!!

© 2016 - Warner Bros. Pictures

© 2016 – Warner Bros. Pictures

Suicide Squad Comic Con Trailer

We had a new Batman v Superman trailer, so it is no suprise that DC now also realsed the new trailer for Suicide Squad. It was shown at Comic Con and got leaked instanly, but in very bad quality. So it’s great to get it officially and in good quality to enjoy every second of it.

And it’s dark and creepy and crazy. But in a very good way!

 © 2015 Warner Bros.

© 2015 Warner Bros.

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