Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold

We drove far, through mist and rain and snow and mountains. We drove through three countries, sang a lot of songs, and discussed a lot of things. And then we finally, finally reached it: Budapest.

T’was a long journey. But t’was worth it – read on for more details and more or less blurry/beautiful pictures.


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5 Things We Are Looking Forward To In 2016

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday is supposed to be “5 Ways We Are Going To Take Chances In 2016”, but because we’re too busy figuring out how life’s supposed to work without taking chances, we’re not planing on taking too many this year. Until we figure things out. After that, who knows? We might just go a bit crazy. Or crazier than we already are.

Anyway, long introduction to say: we’re not doing that 5 Fandom Friday, because we’d rather do 5 Things We Are Looking Forward To In 2016 – things we know we are going to do, as well as things that we would love to do but aren’t sure if we can do. If that makes any sense.

And since we did a post about the movies we are looking forward to this year, the TV-shows we plan on seeing and the books we’re excited for, none of these things are going on this list.

You still with me? Awesome! Let’s do this.

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