Infinity War Trailer 2 – Reactions

The new Avengers trailer dropped a few days ago and crashed the internet. And also our feelings. We wanted to share our reactions with you guys, and sometimes GIFs are so much better than words – so enjoy!

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The Road Goes Ever On

While Sam and Pippin went on an amazing roadtrip through Scotland, I did some travelling on my own in August.

I visited a friend in Rio de Janeiro, taking a “small” detour.¬† started in Amsterdam then did a stopover in NYC for a few days before arriving in Rio. I stayed with my friend¬† for two weeks and she showed me around. On my way back I did a short stop in Washington, D.C.

This is the short version of my summer trip. I had an amazing time (and some not so great moments as well – like getting really, really bad stomach pains on the plane, which is something I could have lived without).

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