Merchandise Monday

It is time for yet another Merchandise Monday, guys. And we’re still on a break from Middle-Earth and trying to mix it up a little – which is why, this week, we’re going back to my childhood, and one of my very first “fandoms”.

It’s not what you might expect, I promise! It’s something new and different.

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5 Fictional Families We Would Like To Adopt Us

In theory, this week’s 5 Fandom Friday is “5 Favorite Podcasts”, but we don’t listen to podcasts, so listing 5 is… complicated. But we saw a prompt in the comment section of The Nerdy Girlie that sounded cool, so we decided to steal it.

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We’ve done our favorite fictional fathers and mothers, so listing 5 Fictional Families We Would Like To Adopt Us is lining up pretty well with those. Shall we?

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