Merchandise Monday

It’s Merchandise Monday again! Time for another item of our collection of fandom items to be bragged about.

This one’s from Middle-Earth – sorry, it’s just that that’s the fandom we own the most stuff from – but I promise it’s different from the everything we’ve talked about up to now!

Shall we?

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Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold

We drove far, through mist and rain and snow and mountains. We drove through three countries, sang a lot of songs, and discussed a lot of things. And then we finally, finally reached it: Budapest.

T’was a long journey. But t’was worth it – read on for more details and more or less blurry/beautiful pictures.


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5 Cupcakes

Sorry for the late post! But I spent the last 2 days in the car, and there was no way for me to do this sooner. But I’m doing it now.

So, here’s yesterday’s 5 Fandom Friday: “5 Cupcakes“. We’re not going to do actual food cupcakes, though, but rather list the characters we refer to as “cupcakes” because… I guess because they’re sweet?

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