The Shannara Chronicles – Series Premiere

Okay, so, as some of you might know, the TV show The Shannara Chronicles premiered on the 5th. And I’ve watched it. And now I’m going to write about it. How’s that for a stupid-*ss introduction?…

Oh, yeah, no spoilers! I’m going to do a spoiler-free mini-review of the first two episodes of this show.

Shannara Chronicles Poster

© 2015 MTV

I read the book a while back, so the first thing I have to say is: if you read the book, and loved it, and expect the show to be like the book, I’m really sorry to say that you are going to be very disappointed. They changed a lot of things from the story.

Shannara Chronicles 1

© 2015 MTV

That being said, I still enjoyed the sh*t out of these two first episodes. The writing is, although a bit cringe-worthy at times (but that’s because they have to explain the backstory, and doing that in a show or movie is always hard), very good. The actors are doing a great job. And boy, are the effects jaw-droppingly amazing (is that even a thing? It is now). I don’t even want to know the budget of this show.

Shannara Chronicles 4

© 2015 MTV

Like I said, they’ve changed a couple of things, but since I didn’t enjoy the book all that much, I don’t mind all that much. In my opinion, some of the things are better in the show than in the book. The character of Amberle, for instance, is a lot less female-cliché, and a lot more badass, than in the book. And I love that.

Shannara Chronicles 2

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What else is there to say without spoilers…? Not much. All I have to say is, I’m looking forward to the rest of the season, and if they keep this up, I don’t think I’m going to be disappointed.

Shannara Chronicles 5

© 2015 MTV

Rating: Exceeded Expectations. I was a bit sceptical at first, but this is an amazingly strong pilot episode. I hope Shadowhunters does as good a job as The Shannara Chronicles did… We’ll see about that next week, I guess.

So, have you watched the series premiere of The Shannara Chronicles? If you did, what did you think? I really want to know other people’s opinions on this! I’m noisy like that. Sorry.

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