Merchandise Monday

On this Merchandise Monday, I’m gonna talk about the first of my ever growing collection of Funko Pop figures.

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5 Comfort Films

Here we are again, not doing the actual 5 Fandom Friday, which is “5 Pumpkin Items We Cannot Wait To Purchase“, because there are not many Pumpkin Items around here to purchase. And although we both love pumpkin soup, that’s about all we have to talk about when it comes to pumpkins. And that was a lot of pumpkins for just one paragraph.

Anyway, we dug into the archives, and found that “Comfort Films” is interesting enough to do, so here we are.

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Places We Would Love To Visit

Just as a heads-up, because this list would be way too long if we put every single place we want to go to on it, we thought we’d just make a list of fandom-related place that we want to visit. That narrows it down a tiny bit.

We’ve been to a few by now, but please do share any further additions you may have to this list with us – we are always looking for more places we can visit. Seriously, if you know of any place, let us know about it!


Okay, so here we go.

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10 Magical Items From The Wizarding World We Wish Were Real

Since we’re still waiting for October to start so we may again have things to post about – like, episodes of TV shows that we’re waiting for impatiently – we’re always desperatly looking for stuff to write about. Because we like writing about stuff. And we’re a bit bored because university hasn’t started yet.

So we found this article on, and we thought we’d steal the idea, because, as stated somewhere before, we’re sneaky little Hobbitses. And we like making lists, in case you hadn’t noticed; or maybe it’s just that they’re easy to do and we’re bored…? Good question. I don’t know.

Anyway, here’s 10 magical items we wish were real.

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