The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies Premiere, London


Just a short post about the Premiere of the “Battle of the Five Armies“, where everyting went to hell for us. It’s the first thing (apart from New Zealand, of course) we did that set us apart from normal human beings and officially put us in the category “geeks“.


Billy Boyd


Andy Serkis

We had decided that we were going to go see the Premiere, no matter where in Europe it would be, because it was the last time to ever go to a Middle-Earth Premiere, and we’ve already established that we’re crazy. And huge Middle-Earth fans. So, once it was announced it would be in London, plane tickets were booked and decisions were made over which hostel we would stay in. On November 29th, we found ourselves in London, checked into the hostel, and went to take a look at Leicester Square, were the Premiere would take place.


Richard Armitage


Lee Pace

First surprise: people were already queuing (FYI, the premiere was on December 1st). So we stood in line, too, only to find out that if we wanted good places, we would have to spend the night on Leicester Square. But since we were not expencting that, we had to go buy sleeping bags first, which was an adventure in itself, because I don’t know if you know this, but you can’t buy sleeping bags everywhere. We found some eventually, bought two, went back to Leicester Square, got a number written on our hands and went to settle in to spend the night.


John Bell


Jed Brophy

Have you ever been to London in November/December? Because let me tell you, it is not warm. It really really isn’t. So that was a fun, and very cold, night. We met some cool people, though, so that definitely made up for it. It was still cold, sleeping on the ground until we found some cardboards to sleep on.


James Nesbitt


Sir Ian McKellen

On the next day we got wristbands with our numbers on them – we were 176 & 177 (there were about 5000 people there, in the end, from what we’ve heard) after some more queuing, and then finally got to go to the hostel. We went to bed, because we didn’t get all that much sleep, got up at 5p.m., showered, and went back because there was a thing for the fans in this cool pub. Some of the actors showed up, too – Luke Evans was there for about 2 minutes, drowning in fans, John Bell stood in the same corner for about 2 hours because so many people wanted to take a picture with him and a friend of ours ran into Billy Boyd and took a picture with him.


Luke Evans


Ken Stott

We left at about midnight to get some sleep, coming back to Leicester Square at 10a.m. in the morning for some more queuing. They let us in at about 4p.m. – those 6 hours were filled with a lot of Starbucks coffee, because Starbucks was the only thing with coffee close, and talking to the people behind and in front of us in line – and we got to stand in the first row because of our number. So the queuing was worth it, I guess. The movie itself was shown in two cinemas, or the cinema had two entrances, I don’t know, and because we stood in front of the second one, we didn’t get to see everyone, which sucks. But hey, you can’t have everything – and we got a couple of autographs and took some cool pictures (we’re both no good at taking selfies, so we just took pictures of them without us in them). We are now the proud owners of autographs of the following people: Andy Serkis, Luke Evans, John Bell, Jed Brophy, Adam Brown, Sir Ian McKellen, James Nesbitt and Billy Boyd. Peter Jackson, Richard Armitage, Aidan Turner, Ed Sheeran, Ken Stott walked past us, Frodo told Lee Pace he was fabulous, Martin Freeman held our DVD in his hand but forgot to sign it (the bastard), and Adam Brown stole my pen, but that’s okay because he signed our DVD first.


Peter Jackson with his daughter Katie


Martin Freeman

There were a lot of other actors at the premiere, but not all of them went around the corner to the second cinema. And the Kiwi-actors didn’t even get invited by Warner Bros. which sucked big time.

It was still cool, and about the craziest thing we’ve ever done – we’d do it again in a heartbeat, of course.


Adam Brown


Us 🙂

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