Asylum 14


Our Jared op


This year we found our new addiction: conventions. After a perfect weekend at HobbitCon 3 in Bonn we were both really excited for the next one. This time we went even more crazy. And broke. Flight, Hotel, food and the Convention tickets… As chronically  poor students this was painful to pay – but we regret nothing! And since we don’t spend our money on alcohol and parties we need something else (besides books, movies and travelling) to make sure every cent is spent. And honestly, if you could even remotely afford seing the main cast of you favorite TV-show in real life, wouldn’t you do it? Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and so many others – need I say more? And did we mention that Jared Padalecki is like our favorite celebrity ever? Well now you know! But this is not (just) about Jared.

Since we haven’t learned anything about booking hotels/flights/etc. as soon as possible from previous mishaps, we didn’t stay at the Hilton where the Convention took place but in the Premiere Inn, which was the great distance of 1,3 miles away from the Hilton. That wasn’t too bad, but we did have a problem getting from the airport to the hotel, since we had no access to Google Maps and no cash for a taxi. So, because we’re big girls, we asked for directions, and eventually made it to the hotel.

Rogue Events, who was organizing the event, had announced online that they would start registration on that day, so we made it to the hotel, queued for about half a lifetime, and were then told that because we were in the group second to last (they called them alphabetically, and we just so happened to be super lucky and be group Y) we should come back the next day and try our luck then.

So we came back on Friday and, to our huge surprise, did NOT have to queue for registration. We got our tickets and wristbands, and we were in! Our relief at that was not long-lived, however, because we had to queue again to get into the hall were the first panels would be held. But, to our surprise, we managed to get good seats. Panels of the day: Mark Sheppard (Crowley), Curtis Armstrong (Metatron) & Timothy Omudson (Cain), Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester), Erica Caroll (Hannah) & Lauren Tom (Mrs. Tran), Jim Micheals (producer of the show), and last but not least Ruth Connell (Rowena) & Alaina Huffman (Abbadon) & Travis Aaron Wade (Cole Trenton).


We are still learning how to take a good selfie :D

We are still trying to figure out how to take a good selfie 😀

The second day began with a Jared panel- so we were even more excited. And since our group was still Y we didn’t get our autographs and photo until sunday (this day was a little more stressful than the others). Sadly there was a thirty-minute-break between nearly all the panels [and we would have had more than enough time to learn for university, but, because we didn’t think there’d be that much to time kill, left everything at home.  But we were prepared – gaming apps.]  The panels were fun and we loved every single one of them because the guests were so awesome. All the SPN-women were just lovely, so cute and stunningly beautiful. The entire cast is, actually, not just the women. But we thought we’d mention them, because there’s not a lot of women on Supernatural.

And everyone is just so down to earth. You hear about that, and maybe even see in it videos of them, but it’s something entirely different to actually see it. There are literaly hundreds of people in those halls cheering at them and adoring them, and yet they still have both feet on the ground. No one is arrogant, or feels even remotely superior.  We finally understood why the fandom is called the SPN-family. The love and support really does go both ways, and that is truly amazing.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Jared is not the only one with great hair. Tim(othy) has a new nickname: hair god. Damn, every female person on this planet wants hair like that! And his secret: well, aparently he just wakes up that way. And the fact that he tweeted a picture of himself and Jared with “man buns” (We did not know that word existed until that moment) makes it even better. These people are just awesomely dorky.

It was also a bit strange that Curtis was so likeable. I mean, he plays THE dick in the show, and he’s such a nice guy. Yes, yes, of course I know that it’s just a character and that the fact that you hate Metatron so much makes him an incredible actor, it’s still weird. It’s like running into Imelda Staton (Umbridge) and realize that she’s a very nice person. If you don’t know much about the actor – and we didn’t before Asylum… I don’t know how to put it. Let’s just say that we did not expect a guy who would crash Samantha’s panel to sing her a super adorable song.

The last day started with the Misha panel, and it was freaking hilarious. That man has an unbelievably dirty mind. And is a lot taller in person. Most of them are taller than you’d think (and no, I do not mean Jared or Jensen, because I’m pretty sure everyone in the fandom knows that they’re tall) – and then there’s Curtis and Mark. And Travis is not very tall either. It’s funny how we never really thought about it, but aparently it’s a thing in the SPN-Family. Travis told us about the scene in season 10 episode 1, “Black”, where he makes Sam’s car break down and then knocks him out to kidnap him: since Jared is so much taller than him, he just (that is how he showed us during the panel, so I’m not saying that that is how it went down in real life) jumped up like a little kid to even reach Jared’s head, and it looked ridiculous. And hilarious.

We also had a J2 panel on the last day, and a Jensen panel, and our Jared photo op – all in the same day! That was one hell of a day. There was a lot of queuing yet again, and we had to miss the Misha & Orlando Jones (Rafael) panel because of the op, which sucked, but hey, you can’t have everything. The last panel of the day, and last panel of Asylum for us, was Jensen, and – big surprise – it was hilarious. Big plus: Misha crashed it with a conga line, blasting “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift, and in the end, Jensen joined in.

So yeah, all in all, it was a truly amazing weekend. Granted, there was a lot of queuing and it could have been better organized, but the guests totally made up for that (especially Jared, of course) – and it was most definitely not our last SPN-Con.


Our autographs-collection :)

Our autograph-collection 🙂

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